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Architectural Art Glass

New York

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           Welcome to Architectural Art Glass!

    Acclaimed artist of Russian descent Yury Abdurakhmanov is well know back in his homeland Russia as well as in the United States for his unique creations in glass, metal and stone.  His sculptures and monuments can be seen on squares of the cities through Russia and Ukraine, in the museums and churches and private collections around the world. 

    In his early years Yury became fascinated by the beauty of carved glass and over the years has developed the unique approach and outstanding techniques in deep glass carving. Each of his works is the signed original.

    For years Yury has been a Professor of Art of Odessa, Ukraine School of Art, sharing his talent and philosophy with the young inspiring artists, many of whom achieved success of their own.

Since 1996 to present Yury Abdurakhmanov serves as a President of Fine Arts Guild, a non-profit association of artists and craftsmen of New York Metropolitan Area with over 200 members.

    After 20 years working in New York City he relocated his workshop and gallery to Wurtsboro, New York in a scenic Catskill Mountins. As Yury says, the relocation helped him to concentrate more on creative work and be as productive as never before.

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